Do you sometimes feel a bit like an old chook running around with your head – well – not quite cut off – but doing so much to keep your household running, not to mention all of the other things you do including working or running your own business.  As you can see,  my  hen still has her  high heels on – and if you look closely, I wouldn’t be surprised to see she has a bit of lippy on.   Sometimes I have my gumboots on and sometimes I have my high heels on – but at all times my heart is in the country and with the amazing creative women I meet every day.

Here at the Professional Countrywoman, we are all about living our lives more simply where we can, enjoying the art of creating beautiful homes, gardens and families, creating wealth for ourselves and taking others with us.  The way we do this is by hooking you up with useful information about your world.  Things that help you make your life easier.  Some of that information may be about how to cook something delicious for your family. I am a mad gardener, and passionate about encouraging us all to grow our own food – so gardening will always sneak in. Organising and simplifying your life will be a theme because we are no longer interested in being stressed out and rushing around where we don’t have to. And these days, many of us are working woman as well as everything else, so sharing knowledge about the business world will be a big part. There’ll always be something of interest to you.

Now – what’s this about creating wealth and taking others with you?  Well, as a woman, we have traditionally relied on our men to bring home the bacon, so to speak.  I don’t need to tell you that things have changed out there. While its lovely to be in partnership where that is happening – most of us  also now have careers or ideas that won’t be left alone and call out to be made into businesses. Or, life can take an unexpected turn and you need to take care of yourself and your family.  As women, we can somehow get the message that making money is not something we should be doing. And making a lot of money is definitely not something we should be aspiring to.   I’m not interested in making money for money’s sake. I like to think of it as creating wealth – for myself and for my family.   But it goes further than that. I don’t want to do that at the expense of others but share that wealth by choosing to use the products and services provided by other people around me like you.  So if you are a Professional Countrywoman  (see below)  I know that if I buy your product or service, I am not only getting a great product but I am supporting you in your business, and helping to keep our country areas alive and vital.

What the heck is a “Professional Countrywoman”?

You are a Professional Countrywoman if you live in the country,  small town or the provinces and run a business as well as manage a household, family or farmyard.  You may even live in the city right now but your heart is in the country or your business is linked to the country in some way.  Some of the issues you face are not always dealt with by other business network groups – tripping over gumboots at the back door, bottle feeding lambs several times a day, working from home around the weather and seasons –  but probably more than anything dealing with distance from potential markets.

Our country is made up of talented resourceful women who have chosen for whatever reason to live outside the main centres,  raise strong families who make up the strong communities that in turn form the backbone of our culture. The trouble is, if you live in the country you can face extra difficulties getting those ideas, products and services to market.  So I am promoting the Professional Countrywoman’s Network as a way to support each other by  providing a platform for you to connect with others, purchase products and services  in a way that benefits everyone, and just generally find information that is relevant to you and your way of life.