How’s your emotional tank?

I was driving home from work the other day feeling quite stressed, half listening to the radio, when I caught a little segment about the importance of filling our own emotional tank. We can often be so busy doing everything and looking after everyone that we often neglect ourselves and end up running on empty. If we are not careful, our busy market-driven world will have us thinking that we are machines who can keep working at the same at rate all day and at all stages of out lives. The problem with the market driven world is that it doesn’t factor in our humanity or the way the natural world works.  We can’t keep giving out without putting something back. We can’t be great parents, partners, people, if we are constantly on the go doing things for everyone else without taking the time out to care for ourselves.

They don’t call it “recreation” for nothing – we need to take the time to re-create ourselves by doing something we love. Women especially can be guilty of putting ourselves last, feeling bad about saying what we need.  So don’t be a martyr. Take some time to go on a date with your mate and leave the kids at home. Book some regular time at the hairdresser. Get your nails done. Go for a walk. Read a book. Go and hang out with a friend. Whatever it is that you love to do that helps get your equilibrium back – take the time to do that.

Homework: Jot down in your journal 5 things you can do to re-fuel your emotional tank and then go out and do them.

Tip. Don’t fill your diary up with work and responsibilities without making room for recreation. It’s not a frivolity – it’s a necessity. A better quality life starts with a better quality you.



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