Saturday 2 December  24 Days to go. Stay Calm and get organised.

Collect together all the Christmas wrapping paper, string, bows, scissors, Sellotape, bows, ribbons, gift tags, boxes etc that you can.  Buy some big rolls and buy plenty because someone will turn up on the day having not wrapped anything yet and ask you if you have any spare paper. Then they’ll ask you if you have any scissors.  To save any unfortunate murders on what is supposed to be a Time of Peace, have plenty of extra paper available.   And the only rule is: if anyone else dares to use your space,  to put everything back where you found it.  Don’t make me have to search for my scissors.  Which reminds me; you do have to keep this space a secret because if you ever, at any time collect all this stationery together in one place, it becomes a magnet for the family and your carefully collected materials will disappear rapidly.  Make a family stationery box or drawer in a shared space and point them there.

Another thing. Sellotape. I advise you to get the best quality brand you can and even better to get a dispenser.  Who hasn’t said a lot of un-Christmas like words while wrapping things at last minute and you cannot physically find the end of the Sellotape on the roll.

Put all of these together in a suitable container.  You can get a really useful Christmas paper organiser from places like Ezibuy    or if you are a vintage kind of a girl, an old leather suitcase would be good.   You can fit ribbon dispensers in the lid and little  pouches for scissors etc.  Of course a plastic box will be fine and if that’s all you have available then use that for now and find something more attractive later on after Christmas.

You won’t have all of the above materials at hand so put them on your shopping list now and get the bulk of it all ready as soon as you can.  Then when you are out and about you can always pop into emporiums on the hunt for ribbons and other bits and pieces.

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