Sunday 3 December 23 Days to Go. Stay Calm and Get Organised – Christmas Journal

I am a bit of a fan of journals and how they can help you with getting organised – and having a special one dedicated to Christmas is a  good idea.  So today’s task is to start one for yourself. There are plenty of good value ones out there. You might prefer to use a visual diary type or  just a B5 lined one.  Cover it in a beautiful fabric or Christmas paper – something to set it apart as your Christmas journal.

This journal is going to keep you together.  You are going to make some lists in it and you are going to keep it from year to year so you know who you gave what to, what you all ate, what recipes worked and what recipes will become favourites.  The idea is that you download all those things currently in your brain that you feel you need to do between now and Christmas so everything is in one place.  This will help you avoid walking around saying things like ‘I must remember not to forget”  etc.  Keep this handy as you go about your day so you can jot thoughts down as you think of them.

Now make the time to sneak off to your special Mother Christmas HQ and start getting everything down on paper.  Start writing lists – I’ve given you some suggestions below but add what is important to you. Let me know if you added something different as I am working on a master list myself

  • Gift list
  • Gift Shopping
  • Christmas card list
  • Menu
  • Holiday plans and timeline
  • Recipes
  • Events you have to go to.
  • Events you are creating
  • Personal care appointments: hair, nails etc.
  • All of the other things you have to do.

Now that you have brain stormed all that and captured everything you can think of – then comes  the most important thing. Go over your list and do the following.

Eliminate.  There are some things that would be nice to get done but if you’re going to end up a stressed out exhausted wreck by the time you get to Christmas Day – its just not worth it. Cross it off the list or pay someone to do it.

Delegate  to other family members. You don’t and shouldn’t have to do everything. Share food duties, cleaning duties, gift duties.

Prioritise – Get the important and time sensitive things done at once. You need to get something posted overseas?  Get that done soon. Ordering online?  If you want things to arrive before Christmas get in early.  Want to eat turkey?  Get it out of the freezer a couple of days before.

Plan. – Now make your master plan – work out when you are going to do what you think you want to get done, leaving some gaps if you can to catch your breath and enjoy the season as well.

Implement your plan!

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