December 4: Stay Calm and Get Organised; Gift Giving.

Make a List and Check it Twice

You may be super organised and have got all your gift purchases all out of the way and wrapped.  Most likely not.  Today in the spirit of staying calm and organised, get your cup of tea, go to your Mother Christmas HQ, get out your Christmas Journal and take stock of where you are up.

Start by making a list of who you think you need to buy for and then consider it.  If you are a parent then of course concentrate on your own children and partner and perhaps your parents as well. But for your adult brothers and sisters – have the conversation with the extended family about expectations and maybe come to an agreement about what level of gift giving is expected. You certainly don’t want to get into financial strife buying expensive gifts for those you don’t need to.  I do like the idea of giving something inexpensive but gorgeous or useful especially if you will see them on Christmas Day and you will be sharing gifts.  Something handmade, a good bottle of wine or nicely packaged cheeses, preserves, chocolate etc will go a long way to ensuring a day of treats for extended family. So agree on who you are going to buy for, shorten that list and your stress level.

For those you are going to buy for, its ok to actually ask them. If its your children for example, depending on their age, get them to write a letter to Santa.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter what their age is either. It can be helpful to have a third person involved – even if that person doesn’t exist! This does not mean that you get everything on their list of course but it helps to know what is in their heart.


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