December 5. 20 Days to Go. Stay Calm and Get Organised – Budget


Budgets are important especially if you are on a tight one yourself.  As Pam Corkery said in an article I read a few years ago “Christmas is a time to break bread, not the bank.” It’s hard to find the balance between ensuring you meet family expectations of gift giving and not getting yourself into debt that is going to be with you months to come. Remember that spending money you don’t have is a recipe for more stress and pressure so just don’t do it.   However, it is lovely is lovely to think of everyone at Christmas time so make a list of those who you would like to acknowledge. A card or small homemade gift or treat is a lovely gift for many to let them know you are thinking of them this season.  And do that soon before you get too busy.

You will probably want to spend more on your immediate family for example and come to another arrangement with those outside that group.  Don’t go over your own allocated total budget of course but prioritise it accordingly.

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