Simple spring thyme and pepper omelette

August in my part of the world is a bit sparse as far as the garden goes. Or as my garden goes this year anyway.  We’ve had some very good frosts and so all the perennials took themselves off underground to go to bed for the winter.  My new flower garden is looking derelict but I know that it will soon start to “spring “to life.   Sorry about that -that joke never gets “old”.

Between the odd sheep that has squeezed under the fence to deal to the silverbeet and Milkshake and her tribe of liquorice allsort babies, I really don’t have much right now but a few herbs.

However, thanks to some of Milkshake’s sisters and friends we are now starting to get fresh eggs so omelettes are going to start to appear on the home menu.    I used fresh Thyme in this omelet and it was divine with the black pepper.

There are many ways to make omelettes and I was reminded of Home Ecomomics classes taken when I was 11 years old with Mrs Lane.  She was an absolute treasure and really did introduce us girls (only girls did Cooking back then) to a world outside our familiar household food.  I actually used her method today and included a tablespoon of milk per egg. So nutritious and full of protein.

3 small bantam size eggs or 2 large eggs per person

2 tablespoons of milk

Salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Give it a good beating with the egg beater or whisk until frothy.

Heat up a non stick pan until quite hot. Add some butter to sizzle but not burn. You want the pan quite hot so it can seal the egg when it hits.

Turn down the heat so it doesn’t burn the delicate egg.  Use whatever method you normally do for omelette.  You can gently  prise up the mixture and allow the uncooked egg to come into contact with the pan or seal off the bottom and then put under the grill to set the top.   Add the fresh thyme then fold and serve.

Eat in the garden with the young spring sunshine beating down on you

Daisy keeping close watch on Milkshake and her surprise autumn babies

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