Do you sometimes feel a bit like an old chook running around with your head – well – not quite cut off – but doing so much to keep your household running, not to mention all of the other things you do including working or running your own business? Having run my own business from home while raising a family, and more recently been fulltime employed elsewhere, sometimes I have my gumboots on and sometimes my high heels – but at all times my heart is in the country and with the amazing creative women I meet every day.

This blog is aimed at how we can all as Professional Countrywoman, make our lives more simple where we can, enjoy the art of creating beautiful homes, gardens and families, and finding ways to continue to successfully run our businesses in trying times.

Some of that information may be just be about how to cook something delicious for your family or when to plant your garden.  I am a mad gardener, and passionate about encouraging us all to grow our own food – so gardening will always sneak in.

Organising and simplifying your life will be a theme because we are no longer interested in being stressed out and rushing around where we don’t have to.

And these days, many of us are working woman as well as everything else, so sharing knowledge about the business world will also feature.

I am also working on ways that we can network and share our products and services with each other more effectively and will be interested in finding out your stories as well.

I hope there will always be something of interest to you.

About Me.

I was born and raised on a small farm in the south Kaipara region of New Zealand, went on to raise a young family while helping to run a commercial orchard on a lifestyle block in rural northwest Auckland.  Having made the move to the South Island,  I now live in a very pretty rural area near the small town of Palmerston in Otago.  I’ve recently made the jump from a fulltime management role to working from home, acquired a beautiful baby grand daughter and some grandchildren,  and continue to be passionate about all things that make our lives more simple, satisfying and beautiful.



Phone: 64 021 887 467

PO Box 115, Palmerston, Otago, 9443, New Zealand

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