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Vintage Style Crop Rotation Poster

Pinterest Poster

Can’t remember what you planted where? Never remember what goes with what? This beautiful and useful garden calendar shows you not only what to plant and when, but how to prepare the ground beforehand for each crop. Ideal for new gardeners and old ones with bad memories.  It is also very beautiful on the wall and makes a great gift.

You can find them for sale at the following places: Totara Estate Oamaru; Vanessa’s Cafe Hampden (different price here as donation goes to local library),  Hayes Engineering Oturehua.  Currently looking for North Island outlets – please message or email me for wholesale details.

Price: $16. + $10 p&p.  If you are buying directly from me I will give you 2 for the price of one to allow for the extra postage cost.  Otherwise they retail for $16 at the outlets above.

Payment:  While I am building my site I am keeping things simple. You can either pay me by putting the money directly into my bank account or I can invoice you, or you can pay with paypal as per below.   To make a purchase please email me with your address and details of purchase and arrange which method you would like to use.



Crop Rotation Poster

A beautiful and useful gift for gardeners everywhere. What to plant and when. Price includes Postage and Packaging including rural delivery. Please note that if posting I will send you two for the price of one.