The Tortoise Diet Method

Well – look what we have here! I am actually getting the book that’s been in my head for a long time out and into reality! I am currently working with my publishers and very soon I will have completed my first draft and it will be off with my editor within days. The book itself won’t be in hand for another 3 months but here is a prelaunch offer if you are interested.

My book is called the Tortoise Diet Method  and I am writing it because like many women, after years of on off yoyo dieting (whether I needed to or not) I just really could not be bothered going on a diet ever again. But I still wanted to be healthy and look my best – especially as I am getting older.  So through this book, I want to help women who are sick of dieting to learn how to not only lose that weight but to keep it off so that you can finally be free of the pain of not just being overweight, but of the time and energy wasted on thinking about food and diets,  and the pattern of failure so many of us live with in our lives. 

My book will be back from the publishers in about June or July and will sell for $39.95NZ.   I have decided to offer it for sale at a pre-release price of $25.00 plus $10.00 postage.   To be one of the first to get a signed copy of the Tortoise Diet Method or if you would like to support me in my journey to published author, please click this button below.

This will take you to a paypal account where you can purchase either with paypal or your credit card and I will be posting you your copy as soon as it comes into my possession. Thanks so much!

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