Stay calm and get organised. 1 December 25 Days to Go. Create a Workspace for Mother Christmas.


The best way to deal with Christmas Stress is to get organised and plan.   So today the first thing to do is to  create a space for Mother Christmas.  Yes – I know it will fall to the women and mothers all around the country to bear the brunt of the work so we won’t even pretend Santa Claus has much to do with it.  When my youngest brother was little there is a story about how my Grandmother went to his room to wake him up on Christmas morning.  “Santa Claus has been” said Grandma.  “Has She?” was the response.  Even at that young age he knew  full well that it was his Mother who was responsible for most of the treats stuffed into pillowcases in the lounge.

So – all you wonderful women out there,  let’s get organised and plan to make this Christmas the most peaceful and joyful and special one yet. (Hint: Do not read “cost heaps of money” cause it doesn’t have to) Today’s task is simply to make a work station for yourself.  Create a clearing somewhere, table or desk space,  not in a public space if there are nosey children lurking around, maybe the bedroom, a spare room, your she-shed if you are lucky enough to have one. Decorate it however you want – maybe a family photo to remind you of who you are creating memories for, maybe a special Christmas decoration, a wreath, anything that brings you Christmas Joy.   (I still believe). But keep it clear and uncluttered.  Bear in mind that you will need some space to put gifts before and after wrapping so a wardrobe or room under the bed will be handy.

This is going to be your quiet calm thinking space so you can make room in your brain. Got it done? Right – now – lets do this!

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