Getting ready for garlic.

Garlic can be planted anytime from now here in the southern hemisphere where winter is now upon us and the shortest day is rapidly approaching. Although garlic is traditionally planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest, you can get it in once we have a chill in the air.  

If you want to wait for June 21st then you can get a headstart by getting your bed prepared now. 

Where to put it .

For those following a crop rotation plan (see my simple to use vintage style crop rotation calendar)  this is the crop that starts the new crop rotation cycle for me.  I will rotate to where the heat lovers were the previous season and get some good manure and a bit of lime in where I want the garlic to grow.  Bear in mind that this crop will take a long time to grow so make sure you leave room for the other root crops you will plant later in spring.

What does it like.

Full sun, good drainage and a rich soil. To prepare my bed, I dig a trench down about the depth of a spade, add compost, blood and bone, rock mineral, rotted manure then cover back up with soil mulch it to keep weed free until ready to plant.  Water in and it will be ready for planting by mid winter.

Planting now.

If you want to plant now, plant twice the depth of the bulb/corm – about 5cms deep. I plant 10 cms apart and then make rows about 20-30cms apart enough to keep the weeds hoed down as they grow.

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